About us


Once upon a time in 2000 a white shop called LILI GRACE appeared in the streets of Edgware, owned by two fashionistas named Sasha and Linda. They were both born and raised to have a love for fashion and had been involved in different aspects of the fashion world since they were too young to remember!

They had a mission to give the North West London ladies a gorgeous look each and every day, working hard to find the perfect look for each individual no matter what size or shape they may be.

Often touching down in Paris, Milan and LA searching through the streets to find the latest trends and looks to make their ladies fabulous. From the moment a lady walks into the shop both Sasha and Linda and their wonderful team follow the LILI GRACE formula: Stylish + confident + special = “A LILI GRACE LADY” You may wonder who is writing this…its me, Lillie Grace xoxo